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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Franny // Celebrities

Waiting, lots of waiting.

Hair and makeup
Me and Lauren!

Lauren being cute.

Sounds intimidating.

Me and Sky!

Well, I certainly never thought I would have the opportunity to be in a movie! It almost didn't happen, but patience and a few thrown elbows got Lauren and I the chance to be extras for 'Franny', an upcoming film featuring Dakota Fanning and Richard Gere. We were not allowed to take any photos on set, but I snagged a few while we were waiting to get bussed over to Blurr, aka the old Club 27. The scene we were a part of was a club scene, so Lauren and I got all dressed up. (Love that dress btw, L!) We were there for hours and hours, but it was definitely worth the wait. I can't wait to see it next year!

Also, Sky Ferreira, you are awesome. My bad for running into you in the bathroom. Whoops :)

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