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Friday, November 7, 2014

Birthday in Dubai

View from the Torch Tower
Yummy macarons
After dune bashing in the desert

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Philadelphia Collection: South Street Open-Air Runway Show

On Tuesday, I attended the South Street Headhouse District's Philadelphia Collection runway show at the historic Headhouse Shambles. Hosted by America's Next Top Model finalist Cory Wade Hindorff, the event showcased men's and women's cutting-edge street styles from some of Philly's top boutiques and salons. Featuring looks from Urban Princess Boutique, Totem Brand, Passional Boutique, Eye's Gallery, Moon + Arrow, Philly AIDS Thrift, Conrad Booker, McKinzie Chic, Helena Boutique, Armour Philadelphia, Hats in the Belfry, Dudes Boutique, and Nostalgia, the evening offered a unique mix of vintage original designs, thrift-store fashions, punk rock chic, and more. As a special bonus, architect, couture fashion designer, and visual merchandiser Conrad Booker, whose work has also been featured on Project Runway, debuted new fashion installations.

Say hello to my feet.

Friday, August 15, 2014

InStyle for Nine West

I'm on the left! (From @ShopsatLiberty)
Last week, I received an email in my inbox that literally made me jump with shoe lover joy. Enclosed was an invitation for the launch party of the new InStyle for Nine West Fall Collection! Everyone knows by now how obsessed with shoes I am, so I had to RSVP with a big yes. Plus, Nine West is one of my favorite places in the mall to visit when I'm looking for something on-trend, high quality, and at a great price point.
From left to right: Tessa, Cate (back), Jaiden, and Elia
At the preview event, there were plenty of fun activities to get the party started, including a selfie mirror (SelfieMIR), music by DJ Lady FX, Flash Tattoos, and pink champagne. My top pic was the Elia Open Toe Sandal in black leather. Even with a 4" heel, they were still very comfortable to walk in with the padded insole and arch strap. However, I do recommend sizing down by a half size; I first tried on the size 10 (my usual), but the 9.5 offered a more secure fit.
It was hard to choose with so many cute design options.
Temporary tattoos gone fashionista, it was hard to resist.
On hand to answer questions about the new collection was InStyle's Senior Market Editor Dana Avidan-Cohn, with whom I spoke for about ten minutes. Asking her about the collaboration with Nine West and how it all came to fruition, Dana said, "We wanted a brand that was really beautiful that could produce a beautiful shoe at the right price point." While InStyle features many high end or luxury items within its pages, it was important to be conscious of price for this collection because great style requires a balanced mix. Tapping into Accessories Director Leah Karp to curate and design the shoes, the collaboration truly follows to a tee what is happening in the market right now in a very inexpensive way and delivering that to InStyle's readers. Dana shared that, "If you know Leah, she has such beautiful taste. Her personal wardrobe is really curated for the way she dresses. Now, everybody gets to have the Accessories Director at InStyle magazine curate for them through Nine West. It's a great collaboration." Nine West has absolutely delivered on their promise with this perfect capsule of shoes all girls will want for the upcoming season.
Jaiden was tempting; pointed toes are back for fall!
Reflecting on the inspiration for this collaboration, Dana mused about how this collaboration is really about "directing a style savvy girl to a place where she knows she is going to get something that is going to work. You can't make a mistake if you buy any of the shoes in this collection; they'll all have something strong for fall so I think it's a great concept." For the evening, Dana was wearing the Cate Pointed Toe Pumps in navy suede, but she also recommended trying them in the leopard pony hair too with a boyfriend jean rolled up and a white t-shirt half tucked in for a cool weekend or going out look. Summarizing her sentiments regarding the outcome of the collaboration, Dana closed by saying, "I think the details are what we are most proud of. The execution of this collection is just beautiful and representative of when a great editor and a great brand come together. Editors are obsessive about details and brands are great at executing."
You'll just have to try something on!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Split Personality

Summer in Philly can often be a mixed bag, and this season has been no exception. With a wide variety of activities on my agenda, finding a look that can transition between them easily, especially for day to night, is key. The gold accents are bold, but you know thats just how I like to do things. Don't call it a comeback!

Shift Dress In Mixed Mono Print @ ASOS
Gold Trim Boots @ Topshop

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Candy Coated

Spring is fully upon us and I finally feel like posting some new looks. I've been super busy with school, which is a terrible excuse, but I hope you guys will give me a free pass here! I'm also super late on posting the highlights from my trip to Cape Town, South Africa... but I promise I'll eventually get around to that too :(

Cotton Rib Ottoman Jacket @ American Apparel
Lips Print Crop Top @ American Apparel
Diamond Quilted Midi Skirt @ Topshop
Gold Trim Boots @ Topshop

Friday, January 3, 2014


Namídia, a public relations agency I visited in Vila Madalena, has the most beautiful headquarters I have ever seen! Working together for over a decade, Marcia Fonseca and Mercedes Tristão have cultivated an integrated communications agency which fosters the relationships between its various clients and the press. In addition, Namídia also assists with marketing, branding, show booking, and strategic partnerships. Furthermore, the agency specializes in fashion and beauty. 

When I first walked into the gated complex, I was taken aback by how beautiful the grounds and open air offices were. Then, when I walked into the storeroom where all of their clothes are displayed, my heart exploded. Artfully decorated with sketches and runway cutouts, it should come at no surprise that even the hangers were cute. I clearly took a million pictures of everything, but can we just talk about the shoes for a minute? How about an hour? Thank goodness nothing was for sale!

I could live here!


Absolutely bonkers

Must have immediately



Love these colors and the hair!


Beautifully detailed fabrics and materials!

One in every color please!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

São Paulo Highlights

Now that the holiday craziness has finally passed, I finally have some time to share a few of my favorite highlights of my study tour to São Paulo with Drexel. As this trip was billed as a three credit undergraduate level course through the MIP department, I was in a unique position in that I was still able to participate as a graduate student yet bypass the whole coursework part (thanks, Darren!). Obviously though, I didn't take this opportunity lightly. Sure, we had fun and probably sampled too many cachaça varieties... but believe me when I say it was not some party tour.

Busy from 7:00 am until 3:00 am almost every day, each person with whom we visited was incredibly warm and welcoming. The stories they shared with us about their lives, experiences, careers, and ideas were inspiring and thought provoking to say the least. Plus, the area of the city in which we were staying was beautiful and the street art which blankets almost every alley and cement wall was unique. 

A mix of music-related activities, cultural events, and sightseeing, this trip offered something for everyone, which was great since the majority of attendees were not in the Westphal college. A few of the most interesting music industry stops we made included visiting Estúdio El Rocha, Black Embers Records, Namídia, and the music department at USP. Plus, having the opportunity to meet with Paulo Ricardo, Chuck Hipolitho, Luciana Oliveira, and Diana dos Teclados was incredible. On the cultural side, checking out the SIM Music Festival, the Mercado Municipal, a rehearsal at the Vai-Vai samba school, and a handful of excellent art museums gave us all a well-rounded overview of the city's heartbeat.

Two words: THE FOOD

Let's just get on with some photos, shall we? Loads more over on Flickr.

We went spray painting with street artist Mickemball. Yes, I had to leave a BB tag!
The whole gang at Beco do Batman (Batman's Alley)
Sweet recording gear over at Estúdio El Rocha
City view from Pinacoteca de São Paulo
Heliópolis from Diana dos Teclados' house