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Friday, January 3, 2014


Namídia, a public relations agency I visited in Vila Madalena, has the most beautiful headquarters I have ever seen! Working together for over a decade, Marcia Fonseca and Mercedes Tristão have cultivated an integrated communications agency which fosters the relationships between its various clients and the press. In addition, Namídia also assists with marketing, branding, show booking, and strategic partnerships. Furthermore, the agency specializes in fashion and beauty. 

When I first walked into the gated complex, I was taken aback by how beautiful the grounds and open air offices were. Then, when I walked into the storeroom where all of their clothes are displayed, my heart exploded. Artfully decorated with sketches and runway cutouts, it should come at no surprise that even the hangers were cute. I clearly took a million pictures of everything, but can we just talk about the shoes for a minute? How about an hour? Thank goodness nothing was for sale!

I could live here!


Absolutely bonkers

Must have immediately



Love these colors and the hair!


Beautifully detailed fabrics and materials!

One in every color please!

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