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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

São Paulo Highlights

Now that the holiday craziness has finally passed, I finally have some time to share a few of my favorite highlights of my study tour to São Paulo with Drexel. As this trip was billed as a three credit undergraduate level course through the MIP department, I was in a unique position in that I was still able to participate as a graduate student yet bypass the whole coursework part (thanks, Darren!). Obviously though, I didn't take this opportunity lightly. Sure, we had fun and probably sampled too many cachaça varieties... but believe me when I say it was not some party tour.

Busy from 7:00 am until 3:00 am almost every day, each person with whom we visited was incredibly warm and welcoming. The stories they shared with us about their lives, experiences, careers, and ideas were inspiring and thought provoking to say the least. Plus, the area of the city in which we were staying was beautiful and the street art which blankets almost every alley and cement wall was unique. 

A mix of music-related activities, cultural events, and sightseeing, this trip offered something for everyone, which was great since the majority of attendees were not in the Westphal college. A few of the most interesting music industry stops we made included visiting Estúdio El Rocha, Black Embers Records, Namídia, and the music department at USP. Plus, having the opportunity to meet with Paulo Ricardo, Chuck Hipolitho, Luciana Oliveira, and Diana dos Teclados was incredible. On the cultural side, checking out the SIM Music Festival, the Mercado Municipal, a rehearsal at the Vai-Vai samba school, and a handful of excellent art museums gave us all a well-rounded overview of the city's heartbeat.

Two words: THE FOOD

Let's just get on with some photos, shall we? Loads more over on Flickr.

We went spray painting with street artist Mickemball. Yes, I had to leave a BB tag!
The whole gang at Beco do Batman (Batman's Alley)
Sweet recording gear over at Estúdio El Rocha
City view from Pinacoteca de São Paulo
Heliópolis from Diana dos Teclados' house

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