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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fading Summer

I think the lab messed this one up but I like it!

Carolyn in a pro rower

Rachel, Kaitlyn, and Lauren pretending to be sirens to lure in the cute lifeguards 

All of us decided to wear our sunglasses underwater

In my absence, it seems as though the first hints of fall have blown in to Philadelphia. It has even gotten cold enough at night that I have been forced to take out my window air conditioner for fear of freezing... wah. I am even transitioning already from iced black tea to hot herbal teas! My sandals will soon be packed away until next spring and my dreams are already filling with combinations of sweaters, thigh highs, and boots. Here are some of my favorite moments with friends from this summer taken on my underwater disposable camera. I definitely want to go whitewater rafting again next spring for sure! The full set of photos from my camera is available on Flickr!

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